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Most recent haircut. - beersnob76 - 08-26-2011

Thought I'd post pics of my most recent haircut I've been wearing, I keep cutting it shorter and getting a little more brave as I go along. Been at this a little over a year now. These are just random pics, not really meant for posting on here, but it gives you a pretty good idea. These are also just stock Toplace pieces.

RE: Most recent haircut. - JRob - 08-26-2011

I have said this time and time again but I think it is worth repeating- a modern style and a little hair product can do wonders to enhance the illusion of natural growing hair. And it doesn't have to be super radical. Just have your stylist add a little texture and use a dab of wax to give separation to the "pieces". This can help with the blend and cover any small differences in color if your unit is starting to fade a bit. On top of that, who thinks "hairpiece" when they see a stylish cut that has been enhanced with a little styling product?

Good job!

RE: Most recent haircut. - Paul In Ireland - 08-26-2011

Totally concur with JRob`s observations.... well done there man. Enjoy !

RE: Most recent haircut. - beersnob76 - 08-26-2011

Thanks guys, I have become best friends with the razor comb and blending shears, I just keep knocking at it until I'm happy with it.. On top of that I pretty much just use Pomade and leave in conditioner, like one super light spray of alcohol free freeze spray- its been working so far. Smile

RE: Most recent haircut. - JRob - 08-27-2011

So you do your own cut-ins? Even more impressive!

Great screen name, btw. Love, love, LOVE me a good micro brew. I'm really diggin' the fact that they are starting to pour more of them with nitrogen. If you haven't tried the Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro I suggest you do so. Amaaaaazing!

RE: Most recent haircut. - Snipe - 09-01-2011

Off the hook, looks fantastic.

RE: Most recent haircut. - jordo06 - 09-04-2011

A little product... goes a long way for a piece!

RE: Most recent haircut. - antywanty - 09-05-2011

i honestly look around me, on my travels,and see men woman,
and wholeheartedly would love to say hey theres something you can do.
weeve been down this road before in prev posts|threads,
anyway just love to chip in and say,
modern product, styling is the icing on the cake for wearers.
and a sprinling of daring!!!!,
enjoy, i love wearing!!!!!, keep yahh no good medications and false hopes, iv tried emm religiously daily, useless!!!
anty Smile

RE: Most recent haircut. - JRob - 09-05-2011

(09-04-2011, 04:13 PM)jordo06 Wrote: A little product... goes a long way for a piece!
I totally agree!

RE: Most recent haircut. - jordo06 - 09-05-2011

What do you use JRob???