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just done my template - is it ok? - andypokerface2010 - 03-06-2011


i just have done my template. is it ok (pics are attached)? if not, what can i do better? it got some bumbs, sadly.

the outer lines are the ones i want to have.

now i have to cut it out, if it's ok, right?


RE: just done my template - is it ok? - Paul In Ireland - 03-06-2011

HI Andy...yeah it looks fine ..they all look a bit `rough`like that before they are trimmed to the final size..... just cut it out now
and pop it on your can `tweak`it if adding on more sticky tape here and there or snipping a little more off
...don`t worry too much about bubbles.... as long as it gives a reasonable representation of your head-shape / contours it`ll be grand
Pop it on and take a pic or two [blank out your eyes if you like] ...I`d just like to see the back and the front hairline point when it`s on your
head ....... just write the words `Front`and `Back` on the appropriate areas too .....and you can also write [small] your name on it.
Looks good though...well done. Paul.

RE: just done my template - is it ok? - andypokerface2010 - 03-07-2011


thank you paul!

i have attached some pictures with the template on my head. i haven't cut out the hairline yet, because i think this is the most important part and i dont want to mess it.

is everything ok so far?


RE: just done my template - is it ok? - Paul In Ireland - 03-07-2011

Hello again Andy ....can you post one of your head with no template on it please...the back view there
as it looks to me [but I can`t see through the template] like your top hair isn`t too bad.... I can `lift`the pic
and draw the line on it where you`d need to cover and re -post it...... now the 2 pics there of your [ pic3]
looks ok..but pic 4 looks like it`s back a bit from the front hairline have a high forehead and
it`s important to get that right....otherwise you`ll either have too much hair `hanging down` over your front, or
it will be slightly back too far and will look odd.. the front hair `frames`your face and it`s important to do it correctly
what you do is sit in front of a mirror, then raise your eyebrows as high as you can as if you were really surprised at something
and if you look closely,you`ll see the point where the forehead skin moves/crease slightly but the scalp skin does not....that`s your natural
hairline...... try it and see! Just post that pic and I`ll have a look at it this evening..Paul.

RE: just done my template - is it ok? - andypokerface2010 - 03-07-2011

hi paul,

i attached new photos. i already cut the back more now. sorry for the bad quality.

i hope these photos help.

my forehead always was big. i dont think my hairline receeded, only in the temple area.

RE: just done my template - is it ok? - Paul In Ireland - 03-07-2011

Ah yeah ..that`s great ... can see properly now ... I can also see your front hairline now too...classic
thinning ........ I`d go with your last pic there...just slightly trim it to there`s no `jagged`bits, just a nice
curve around the back and an even edge heading towards the temple area......I`d ignore the black line.
There is thinning going on a bit further down the back but the hair will well-cover that ......maybe in a year
or two you might have to make a new template as the growing hair there will `drop` a bit more. In the front
view pics there I assume the black line is sitting right on top of your existing hairline... just trim along that line
and it should look great..... I think you`ll fine wearing very easy as a nice freestyle system will really blend
in well with your existing hair.... I`m sure you`ve seen pics of how I wear mine....that is SO easy to wear...
you`d easily carry off that non-exposed or `comb-down `style at the front... your present situation is just like
how mine was a few years back.... pop in those last 4 pics there with your order--it will really help the factory
to make a system you`ll be happy with. I`d say maybe don`t go higher than a 60% density..your hair isn`t
VERY dense but it`s a bit heavier than mine and I`m able to blend in a 55% successfully..... you can always
increase it on a subsequent order if you like, and even if you feel ``Oh I could/should have ordered it a bit denser``
at the very worst it will just look as if you are only beginning to thin a bit....a big mistake is to go for a far too high
density and have it sitting like a mop on top of visibly thinner sides/back. Your own doesn`t look very curly/wavy
so `bodywave`should be fine for you. Are you going to get one or two systems ? If two, you could consider having
a poly strip on the sides and back and lace front on one, and the other could be all-lace.....there are pros and cons , but I
like the poly strip for reasons I`ve outlined in other really is very thin but for practically total undetectability
to the touch, all -lace is better...just depends on your circumstances/likes etc. Some other guys might like to `chip-in`on
the density to go for, but that`s my 2 -cents worth ! Hope that`s of help...kind regards, Paul.

RE: just done my template - is it ok? - andypokerface2010 - 03-07-2011

so you now, after seeing the new photos, think, i should go for the hairline i painted?

is 60 % density full hair? i dont want to have sparse hair anymore.

RE: just done my template - is it ok? - Paul In Ireland - 03-07-2011

If the black line at the front is sitting right on top of your hairline, trim to that line....I`d leave the back
alone i.e. just `tidy` off any `rough`edges on the actual template edge itself as it is....ignore [ done`t cut]
in to the black line there. You need to be careful not to `over-do`the density or it will look wrong/unnatural,
so from what I can see, I wouldn`t go more than 65% max., but 60% might be better from what I can see in
the pics...... hopefully a few others will chip in with their opinions too.... Paul.

RE: just done my template - is it ok? - andypokerface2010 - 03-07-2011

thx paul!

do you think 60 % is the density of my sides and back? i want that it matches my sides and back as good as it can and my side and back hair is fine for me in terms of density.

RE: just done my template - is it ok? - Paul In Ireland - 03-07-2011

I wouldn`t put it in terms of your growing-hair`s more a matter of picking a system -density
which will blend in with your own ....I`d go with the percentage I recommended but let`s see what others
think... all in-put is good, so you can make an informed choice..cheers, Paul.