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Good to be back! Chet from Chicago - chetson - 01-06-2011

Hi Everyone.

I left Toplace and this forum a few years ago, because I had problems with BA. I don't want to go into the situation, but I can see that I am not these only one that is or had problems with BA. I am really happy to be back. I really enjoyed this forum, and learned so much from everyone on here in the early day's when I purchased my first lace unit. I was wearing Mono units for years, until Mike who created Toplace talk me into giving a lace unit a chance. Talk about great customer service, I believe he sent me my first one free, and I have been wearing them since. I just want to say to John...Thanks for reaching out to me! Its great to be back.


RE: Good to be back! Chet from Chicago - Paul In Ireland - 01-06-2011

Hi Chet... I wasn`t here when you were, but it`s good to see you`re happy to be back. I use only a very light daily bond on a part-poly perimeter/lace front. Can you advise newbies on how you do your bond i.e. duration of your bond, which glue/tape you use you use tape `inside` the perimeter and glue on the `outer`bond ? Just for guys who want a week or longer of a bond....just the practicality /how you apply yours, as I`m not best-placed to advise on this particular aspect of wearing and don`t want to put anyone `wrong`..many thanks, Paul.

RE: Good to be back! Chet from Chicago - bobbyphilly - 01-08-2011

hey chet. bob/philly i think back years ago when mike said , bob u got to stop that bonding (hcm) type. well i listened that was long ago. nice to read all the guys junping on here from other site. we had a giant core of nice guys.only thing i liked was other forum seemed more user friendly to read and type.

RE: Good to be back! Chet from Chicago - ToplaceUSA - 01-08-2011

Welcome back Chet! We've had a lot of old customers returning to Toplace. As I've mentioned before, we use the same factory we've used to the last 4 years and will continue to use them as the quality is the best.