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How to fix matted hairpiece? - mulder - 12-13-2009


I've been having problems with matted hairpieces- getting matted because of glue getting caught in the hair.

I've soaked them in diluted alcohol, and I've spent some time combing out whatever gunk I can with after spraying the hair with alcohol.

There has to be a better way of dealing with matting like this....

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Does anyone know what's in a product like this
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Would something like that be of any use?

Re: How to fix matted hairpiece? - JRob - 12-13-2009

All you need is an adhesive remover. Anything you would normally use for hairpieces will do. Alcohol doesn't work well because all it does is soften the adhesive for a couple of minutes. As soon as it evaporates the adhesive gets sticky again.

- Saturate the hair with adhesive remover

- Allow to penetrate 10-15 minutes

- "Roll" the clumps of hair between your fingers to separate the strands of hair

- Re-soak any stubborn areas

- Use a soft toothbrush to carefully comb through the hair to further separate the hair strands

- Wash immediately

The trick is to separate the strands of hair. If you manage to do this, the adhesive remover will penetrate fully allowing you to shampoo the residue away more easily.

Re: How to fix matted hairpiece? - ToplaceUSA - 12-14-2009

It sounds like you might not be applying the unit properly and that's why the glue is getting into the hair in the first place. Allow the glue to get 'tacky' first before you press the lace down into it. If you're pressing the lace down before the glue gets 'tacky' it will run through the lace and into the hair.

Re: How to fix matted hairpiece? - JRob - 12-15-2009

I get this problem in the temple and nape areas of my full caps. No matter how careful a little adhesive gets into the hair outside of the base.

If you are getting glue seeping into the hair through the lace itself I would guess that it's because you need to do your cleanup a little sooner.