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Cool forum... - Mr.Burns - 08-08-2008

Wow, pretty cool new forum!! This looks much more professional, and is easier to read / view. It will also be much better for archiving posts and searching... nice one!!

But keep the old forum alive also, just so we have the archive of old posts Smile

Re: Cool forum... - ToplaceUSA - 08-09-2008

Thanks Mr. Burns. We'll be running both for a while.

Re: Cool forum... - Vinton Harper - 08-09-2008

Yeah, looks pretty nice and easy on the eyes as well. I'm sure the searching will be easier.
Gonna miss the old one though when they faze it out. I am such a traditionalist. Smile

Re: Cool forum... - Melonaid - 08-17-2008

Yeah, umm...great.