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First experience withn a full cap - TomBongi - 09-20-2008

Been buying Toplace units since 2002 and have no issues. Gary has been a gem of a person and I am hoping he comes here to Myrtle Beach like he planned to for a Summer home.

I decided to forgo the blending issues with the gray and constantly changing hair color. So I shaves my head and left an inch or so of hair at the nape. Ordered a 100% think skin and LOVE it. I have since let my hair grow out and use Got T2 Be Glued to stick the poly to my own hair which it does with a vengeance. Still using NexGen glue on the front and flaps though. I ordered and received a Swiss lace full cap.........That may not work for me as Iam about quick attachment and run. The lace requires much more care and effort.They payoff is good for someone with a magnifying glass,but the poly is very good as well and even the thin edge can be seen under certain conditions.No one is looking for it though.

The only thing negative Is this unit seems to have stiffened and dried out much faster than my others. BUt I think that makes it look less than perfect and at my age perfect hair is not "normal"for most of us.

BTWIM married and don't worry about detectability to the touch. There is definitely touch detectability when the hair is attached at the rear with Got 2b Glop.......LOL

Becasue I ride a motorcycle everyday with and without a helmet I feel fine about the attachment. Sometimes I wear a ball cap, Other times a helmet

Re: First experience withn a full cap - JRob - 09-21-2008


Love to see some pics f you get a chance.....

Re: First experience withn a full cap - wesb - 09-23-2008

I'm curious if your full cap is PSB thinskin, or the new very thin skin? The former is thicker and has a smooth finish underneath....the new skin is paper thin and sort of "crinkles" up, but seems to be very tough and stretchy as well. Unfortunately G2BG does not seem to hold well on my topper system.