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Generic Products - Are they as GOOD ? - thecount - 10-07-2008

Spent hours trying to locate the one Sally's I could
find in NJ (Rockaway) .. much smaller than I thought
it would be ....

There has been a lot of talk about products like
WAXWORKs by Paul Mitchell .... Sally's has a line
of generic products that go ingredient-by-ingredient
with the name product ...

I bought a huge tube of their generic Paul Mitchell
Waxworks for 5 bucks (I bought Waxworks in NYC
for 19.95) .... Also a huge bottle of Infusium 23
generic ... also for 5 bucks ...

Anyone do any comparisons who have been using
the name products for awhile ?

Re: Generic Products - Are they as GOOD ? - Brian24 - 10-07-2008

I also have a tube of the generic waxworks from Sally's. I 've never used the Paul Mitchell, but I do remember a post from the old forum where most didn't think the Sally's was as good as the Paul Mitchell brand.

Re: Generic Products - Are they as GOOD ? - Tapehead - 10-07-2008

Harmon Stores also sell their generic versions of name brands with similar components. They are not the same as the name brands. Some are still good products, and others have disappointed me. It's hit and miss, and I suspect the same will be true with Sally.

Re: Generic Products - Are they as GOOD ? - JRob - 10-07-2008

Don't waste the 6 bucks on the generic WW. I've had both and they aren't even close.

If you need a gel buy the John Frieda stuff I mentioned. Cheap, and the best product I have ever used as far as keeping the hair moisturized.

These are the only two that I have found that won't dry the hair straight off the shelf.

And you know I'm not trying to sell you anything, cause you already bought some, but if you haven't tried adding a drop of Blue Max to pretty much any alcohol free hair product, you don't know what you are missing. I can now get away with using all of the stuff that used to dry my hair, including the Fructis products. Others have said they don't care for the Garnier but it works well for me with a drop of serum.