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Template & Cut-in... Debbie S. - Encouraged - 10-30-2008

Hello Debbie!

I continue to read great things about your work. When the time comes for me to get fitted for a piece,
rather than me doing the template, I'd really prefer to have this done by someone else who has great experience in this area. I would be willing to fly in to have you do the template. I would also want to fly in to have you do the
cut in work. I realize this will be expensive, but when it comes to getting it right, I want to be spot on and not take any chances. Your shop is located in Minnesota, is that correct?


Re: Template & Cut-in... Debbie S. - DebbieS. - 10-30-2008

no, that is not correct. I'm located in Maine.
It seems very expensive to fly in for just a can make one easily yourself using my kit and instructions. remember to not think too much into this, you are simply making a template of your balding doens't have to be perfect. I understand your wanting to get it right...but I think we all can walk you through the template making process so that you won't need to spend the money coming here just for a template.
It is totally up to you, and I'd LOVE to have you come to my salon...but I'm not into encouraging needless spending if its not necessary.

Re: Template & Cut-in... Debbie S. - Encouraged - 10-30-2008

Thanks for the reply, Debbie. I appreciate your concern about spending money needlessly.
I may use Michigan Baldy's video to do my own template.

As for the cut-in, is there a way to find a good stylest who can do a cut-in, in the Houston or Austin
Texas area?


Re: Template & Cut-in... Debbie S. - DebbieS. - 10-30-2008

I checked the stylists list for you and couldn't find one listed in Texas. perhaps someone on this board will know of someone.
Getting MB's video is a great will learn about the template and a whole lot more! that will definitely be your first step.
let us know if you have any questions at all. We are here to help!!