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Confused about Stock units
12-29-2020, 03:42 AM,
Confused about Stock units
Hi everyone,

So I'm about to take the leap into the hair systems. I wish I did it before COVID, but oh well. I want to get a custom unit, but I know those are going to be a long time before I can grab one. I'm considering getting a "stock" system, but I'm hesitant on how that works exactly. I have curly hair and a specific hairline, so how would the stock unit not look absolutely different from my current hair?
12-31-2020, 01:13 AM,
RE: Confused about Stock units
Hey bamac1986,

You would have to customise the stock unit yourself to what you want, most stock unit come with a medium to tight curl anyway, pick a colour as close to yours as possible you can also have grey starting form 10% also you want 6" of hair length and toplace pieces are medium density which works for most of us.

As you will be cutting the base to the size you want you will really want the same material all over I.e a full lace or skin. once you have made a template of your head and hairline shape you want, I use the plastic mould that the hair system comes on from the factory to make a more rigid template.

Then I place that on the base using a marker I mark out where I am going to cut. Get yourself a scalpel or razor blade needs to be very sharp. Then just take your time and cut the base making sure you only cut the base material not the hair takes some practice but its not too difficult one you get started. Its all trail and error really.
12-31-2020, 02:16 AM,
RE: Confused about Stock units
Or our stylist can trim it to your size. She needs a diagram, template or just dimensions. She charges $15. She can also style it from a photo--that’s $45.

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