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Great news about thin skin units!
11-14-2020, 08:34 AM,
Great news about thin skin units!
Hi All,
Just got word from the factory. The scarcity of knotted custom units has stressed out everyone. Orders are just trickling out. So in order to meet demand the factory is ramping up production of the New Generation super thin skin stock units. With a lace unit the hair has to be knotted to the lace by hand. This is very time consuming-especially at a time when labor is scarce. By switching to a super thin skin unit the knotting is eliminated. With a super thin skin unit the hair is pulled into the skin and then out of the skin--it’s called V looped. There is no knotting so that greatly cuts the production time. Lots of stock units available. And more will be coming each month. For those of you that have never tried a super thin skin unit you’ll be surprised how good they are. Excellent hairline! And the price remains the same-$279.00 per unit plus shipping. Order now!

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