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Hair system for Physically active people
07-07-2020, 01:52 AM,
Hair system for Physically active people

I'm a newbie and I'm looking into ordering my first hair system! Very excited/nervous! Anyways, I'm a pretty active guy, I work out about five days a week (I'm a personal trainer, not a psycho haha). So, I just want to pick some people's brains on what type of hair system, glue, tape, etc. Would be good for someone with my lifestyle! Thanks everyone!
07-13-2020, 02:39 PM,
RE: Hair system for Physically active people
I suggest the Exercise Base TL 600. It is a strong base with poly around the entire perimeter with the poly in the front recessed 1/2” to allow for a lace front--very realistic hair line. Glues are often dependent on body chemistry. What works great for one person is just so-so for other people. Our strongest glue is Walker Ultra Hold. It comes in a small bottle with a brush in the cap. But with all glues it’s a ‘trial and error’ thing. Tapes are very strong and medical grade. Most hold well for just about everyone. With all attachments it’s important to clean the scalp thoroughly. That’s the key to a good attachement. For people that prefer a short term bond that allows them to clean their scalp frequently I recommend ‘Got 2 Be Glued Spiking Glue.’ It has a mild adhesive in it. It can be found at Target, WalMart, etc. in the hair products section. I allows for a 2-5 attachement (or daily if you like). Best thing about it--it’s water soluble so you can quickly clean up with just soap and water.

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