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What's Worse? Coronavirus or Severe Tangling?
04-20-2020, 11:04 AM,
What's Worse? Coronavirus or Severe Tangling?
Hey y'all,

For those of you who don't know me, I'm 31, and have been wearing with John for about 6 years now.

I now have one of the new super thin skin based units (stock unit and cut to template myself), hair cut professionally in Texas around September 1st. Still wearing! (Today's date is 4.10.20)

Note 1: You cannot see my hairline. It's literally invisible. I was floored compared to the lace base. And it's comfortable AF, no problems at all. My friends who may have joked before that I'm wearing, I can now prove I'm not lol.

Note 2: After my second or third week, I noticed some bad tangling in the back of the unit. Thought about emailing John, but after some work, seemed fine. Washing - I use Remysoft Shampoo and Conditioner, w/ silicone base and daily refresher. I lightly towel dry, and wear with Got2B Ultra for the main base and ORWG for front. Usually the drying, silicon, and maybe some argan oil cured the tangles, made me fresh as a peach.

Note 3: Fast forward to March / April. I planned on replacing by now, but with COVID, I can't get a cut. We are now severely tangled regularily, and it takes a long time to get to the desired result. It's no longer just the back tangling, but the crown, top, and sides, with the front soon to be on its way out. With a good and expensive leave in conditioner, silicone from Remysoft, and a lot of patience, I can get the desired results. Shedding in the back is becoming worrisome, although not visible while wearing.

QUESTION: How can I fix this while we weather this little shutdown? What are your bad hair system tips and tricks? What have been your economic fixes for a bad system to get you through rough times? I know we're locked inside, but I'm in a relationship so not wearing isn't an option at the moment.

Super appreciated!

PS: Here's a pic from today after an hour and a half of struggle lol, so not that it looks bad, but it needs to live until I can economically recover.

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