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More stock unit options
06-05-2019, 03:41 AM,
More stock unit options
Hi All,
There’s been a lot of demand for ready made stock units. People love them since the big advantage to these units is that you can get them in days rather than having to wait for weeks for a custom made unit. They’re spec’d very ‘middle of the road’ so that they work for a broad variety of people. Nothing extreme here--not too heavy and not too thin. Just a ‘sweet spot’ in the middle that’s perfect for so many people. And they’re 100% real human hair made in the same factory as the custom units. So we’ve added the following models to our standard Super Fine Swiss lace and Mirage thin skin offerings:

-Bella. All French lace with poly on the back and sides. The French
lace is translucent and allows the color of your scalp to show--
it’s very realistic. And the poly on the back and sides allows
for a smooth surface for an easy and strong attachment.
Strong and durable--a great choice.

-New Generation. Same base material as our popular New Generation
TL 700 custom units. It’s an amazing material--only
.03 mm thin--the thinnest base material in the world! Of course
this gives you the best hair line you’ll ever see. Great stuff!

Try a ready made stock unit. You’ll have it in days. Just trim the base to your size, style and enjoy!
07-27-2019, 10:20 AM,
RE: More stock unit options
How are these reflected on the website in the checkout process? I don't see any difference on the stock page Smile

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