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Oily skin please help!
01-18-2019, 11:10 AM,
Oily skin please help!
I have been wearing for over a year now and still have not found a "good" bond. I have tried many different glues and tapes and still have not found a good bond. My skin seems to eat through anything I put on it. I have tried a couple different scalp protectors but they either don't make any difference or make it worse! I've always had oily skin but I never thought it was that bad. the only way I can describe it is that my skin just eats through everything and destroys it.

Right now I'm using ghost bond xl in the front and Stick-it tape around the perimeter on a swiss lace base. I do an exposes hairline. Its the best I've found so far but still far from good. My bond still feels very weak and only lasts about 6-7 days. After 1 or 2 days I could easily pull the unit up with minimal effort and after a few more days I get this gooey, oily, broke down glue along the front of the hairline that lifts easily. I've tried almost every ghost bond and XL seems to work the best. I tried walker ultra hold and davlyn green and they were both a joke, lasted about 3 days. The stick-it tape holds up ok in that weeks time but does not give me a very secure hold and will not go past about 8-9 days even with redoing the hairline. I've tried walker scalp protector and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I get about the same hold as just prepping the skin with alcohol. I tried No Sweat and that made the bond worse and created an oil explosion on my head! I also don't use any citrus cleaners.

Please if anyone has any experience with this please help me! Any advice is appreciated. It is EXTREMELY frustrating. I would just quit if I wasn't so ugly bald and only 23! I never thought it was going to be this hard. I don't mind the idea of wearing hair and it does look really good, but I can't keep doing this. If I could get a glue that would be secure and not lift for one week, and a tape that would give a good hold for 2 weeks and not be a nightmare to clean I would be happy. I want to ride roller coasters again but I'm too scared. I would honestly probably just go to a daily bond but that is not possible with my work and life.

I'm also curious about a different base material. I wonder if I would get a better bond with a skin unit vs lace, and how that might affect things?
01-21-2019, 10:25 AM,
RE: Oily skin please help!
Thanks for sending that post. It’s a problem experienced by others too. Ultra Hold is the strongest glue and normally lasts about 10-14 days and longer. So when you only get a few days from that it’s unusual. A couple of suggestions. First, swab your scalp with a towel dipped in rubbing alcohol or Pure Adhesive remover. This will completely clean your scalp of any residue and provide clean skin for a good bond. If the skin isn’t completely clean no glue or tape will stick for long. It has to be clean. And while you’re at it swab the bottom of the base to remove any adhevise that might be accumulated there too. Second, try Walker No Shine tape. It is very strong and should give you at least a week hold. That too after swabbing your scalp. A clean scalp is a must.
A skin unit typically has a longer bond time with all else (glue/tape) being equal. Why? You have more surface area to adhere to than lace so it has more area to stick to.
05-15-2019, 05:13 AM,
RE: Oily skin please help!
I really recommend a skin unit. Game changer and very easy to clean.

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