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My bond vs Fury 325
07-12-2018, 05:56 AM,
My bond vs Fury 325
So I love rollercoasters. I have braved many a coaster while wearing and after a full day of amusement, everything is pretty much still in place up top. That being said, I still always feel a bit paranoid when trying a bigger and faster coaster... I’m looking at trying Fury 325 at Carowinds this summer. Top speed of 95 mph (153 km/h). Also would love to try top thrill dragster at Cedar Point that hits 125 mph.

Would you risk it with your bond? What bond can pass this test?

I think my basic blue tape (walkers ultra hold) might do it. I’ve also had success with supertape and amusement parks.

Any comments, thoughts, or advice? Thanks.

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