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Poly vs Lace lift issue :(
04-17-2018, 02:20 AM,
Poly vs Lace lift issue :(
Hi guys,

Im 3 weeks in now. So far so good. Steep learning curve indeed but once you have it down it's not that bad.

Just an issue that hopefully somebody can some chime in on is lift/ ridge issues. Ive had a unique sizing situation so I have very little poly in the front and all lace all around (didnt have a choice this time!)

So, When attached, the poly (only in the front) seems to have almost no lift at all but the lace SIDES tend to get minor ridges/ lift by day 2 on wards. Could this be a tape issue (I use Walkers Lace Support Blue Tape) or should I just go for all poly perimeter next time? I've tried with Scalp Protector and without. Same results. Makes detectability a huge issue Sad Only major downfall of poly previously was removing the tape from the poly. Cleaning of the lace is pretty easy for me apparently.

Finally, does anyone have good recommendations on tape for lace units??

04-27-2018, 09:12 AM,
RE: Poly vs Lace lift issue :(
where the veterans at yo!

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