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how are you getting 5+ months out of a piece?
04-18-2018, 09:46 AM,
RE: how are you getting 5+ months out of a piece?
If you're asking me, it's a stock unit so 65%, but my stylist thins it out a bit. I'm not kidding about how lazy I am with it. I use tape around the perimeter and ORWG up front. I never sleep without it. I usually wash my hair twice a week. Once on re-attachment day (I re-attach once per week), and once in between. I have to clean up the hair line about once in between which kind of sucks. But every other glue I've tried has been a nightmare so it's ORWG for me.

What else... I use color-safe sulfate free shampoo. Occasionally use spray in conditioner and an argan-oil based serum to improve the shine. The only other issue with keeping the piece a long time besides color fading is the lace fraying a bit on the edges. But it blends in just fine with the tape/glue.

I will say I'm careful not to brush the actual lace. But I brush mine wet all the time which is apparently a no-no.

Moving forward, I'll probably replace mine every 4 months instead of 6. I think newer pieces look a little "fresher", but for the most part my pieces still look great after 6 months. Maybe I'm just lucky.

The time savings with wearing over using concealers every day has been amazing. And I look much better.

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