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Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
03-02-2012, 12:01 PM,
Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
I just got my first skin system TL700 from John and it looks quite good.
Even staring into it from an inch distance one cant tell if it's real scalp or a plastered skin.( I have yet to see if it has the same effect once i wear it , but so far holding it in my hand the scalp looks amazing)

If you guys can share your thoughts about Thin Skin Vs Swiss . I have noticed on this thread and others that Swiss Lace is the biggest hit everywhere. But I was wondering a normal lace does have the knots and even though they are bleached well enough , they do show the unnatural look if looked from a close distance. Or am I wrong and Swiss looks as good as a thin skin.??

What are the merits /demerits of both swiss and Skin ?? I would like to hear thoughts of you experienced guys as I am only a few months old in wearing .

many thnx
03-03-2012, 07:06 AM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
Take a look at my thread hairline ultra zoom.. Lace systems when bleached correctly and using the thinnest lace can look as good as that. Lace has the potential to look the best..
03-04-2012, 04:24 AM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
thnx a lot Xeon005 .. i am really thankful .

Just another quick one. ..
In thin skin system, there is no holes so the scalp has no breathing air? So does that mean , on a practical level, a skin system no matter how thin it is, cant stand more than a day before bringing in itchyness and massive discomfort?

Also what happens to the top of the skin? does the dirt/dust changes the color and appearance of the top skin over the period of time and makes it look un-natural and weird?

Have you ever wore a thin skin personaly?
03-04-2012, 07:15 AM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
Thinskin is fine for daily wear using a weak adhesive such as G2BG. If you don't remove the piece nightly, you'll develop breakouts and the piece will shed quickly. Great as a back up piece.

Swiss is much more comfortable, realistic looking, and the direction of the knotting isn't quite as fixed as an injected piece. The maintenance is a PITA, but it's as close to a real head of hair as you'll come.
03-04-2012, 12:35 PM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
I have skin pieces. lace ones, combos of lace front skin base, and skin front lace base.. lol. I been trying diff combos out. The matter of comfort is individual.. Some people don't find skin hot or any discomfort.. the thing with skin is,, if you are going to wear it, you have to bond it to your whole head.. Meaning that I don't recommend only using tape/glue on the perimeter only.. U should coat your whole scalp with something, even if it is got2b glued. When u bond the skin to your entire head, there is no room for air or heat to develop.. you are basically sealing off your scalp.. in turn it feels more comfortable because there is no air inbetween ur scalp and thinskin to generate heat and sweat / oil etc. But this might raise your overall body temperature somewhat depending on how big the unit is, because you are blocking off the top of your head where heat escapes your body quickly.

Lace can be easy or hard to deal with.. same with skin.> it depends on the adhesives you use on which.. With lace you could use these non residue tapes for an easy attachment and removal. and with skin,, you could use got2b glued or weak tapes depending on the type of skin.. with the new generation you are going to have to use liquid adhesives.

The pros of skin for me are:

No hair coming out the underside of the base,
Dont' have to worry about glue going t hrough any holes etc.. u can wipe the skin off etc.
Potentially easy attachment removal if using something like got2b glued
if you can get it to look right.. you don't have to worry about any grid pattern in different lighting conditions

The cons

Limited amount of adhesives and attachment methods you can use.
The ventilation doesn't seem as natural as with lace knotting..
Can be hot to wear,, unless you bond to the entire scalp.
Not as comfortable etc
Sometimes the hairline never looks as good because the skin material just doesn't blend right with some peoples skins.


Can attach it a million diff ways with diff types of tapes etc..
can still use got2 glued on it
Usually better ventilation, especially with hairlines
When finding the perfect lace that disappears probably looks the best at the hairline
more comfortable to wear. You don't have to do an entire scalp bond

Attachment and removal can be a pain in the ass or easy depending on what you use. If your using an easy to deal with tape than its easy.. if your using ultra hold all over the clean up will be more of a pain.
03-04-2012, 01:10 PM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
I'm going the thin skin route again.

I wear a #1 color, so its impossible to bleach the knots. So in order to make the hairline look the best, I'm going to give thin skin a shot again!

Looking forward to my TL 700!
03-05-2012, 11:39 PM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
Thnx again Xeon005. that was very helpful and clarified many of the questions in my mind.

I have a #1 color. I haven't yet worn the Swiss Lace till date, but I have apprehensions even with good bleached knots with #1 color , it won't be that good as on blond hair. It would quite show the knots due to the contrast in color.

Does the skin system owing to the fact that no air reaches the scalp, can potentially be damaging for the scalp?
I mean my perspective on this is , I can bear the itching or discomfort for a realistic look and wear a skin continuously for 4 or 5 days. But if the lack of air reaching my scalp can have adverse effects on my scalp then one is left with no choice ..
So any idea whats the effect?
any other skin wearers??
03-06-2012, 12:29 AM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
Hi Sidd..you asked me to comment here on the other thread.
Xeon has put it pretty much `as is` ..... I like lace for the warm weather, and skin is [was]easier for me in winter weather.
I wear black hair [colour 1] and the knots have never [so far] been a problem for me.... as long as the density is enough, you hardly see the lace really except a bit here and there .... you`ll only get itching/discomfort with a skin if it`s left in place too long and a lot of sweat etc. begins to accumulate under it. One of the advantages of `Got2b` is you can do a frequent de/re and wash the scalp, removing any `debris` under it and so making for a hassle-free wear. They`re generally quite comfortable to wear as they are pretty smooth compared to let`s say, a French lace, which can be a little coarse in comparison to skin initially..usually after a while and a few washes, the lace becomes less likely to itch as it `softens`... I initially found plenty itching with the fullcap as it`s French lace and the neck/behind the ears area was sensitive after being shaved .....like anything else, I got used to it and it disappeared after about a week or so as the scalp-skin acclimatised to it...... it`s a good idea if you can do it, to remove your skin on a friday night, if you have a free day on saturday, and sleep with it de-bonded...this will give your scalp a `break` and you can re-bond next day again.
I found the only irritations I ever got with skin systems happened in hot weather and leaving it in place [bonded] for too long ...sweat and moisture /heat obviously will cause itching ,but you`d be surprised at how long the scalp can `tolerate` an all-over head bond like that before it begins to feel irritated....regular de bond and cleaning, with an over-night `break` will pay you back big-time !
03-06-2012, 08:45 AM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
(03-04-2012, 01:10 PM)JamesKennedy Wrote: I'm going the thin skin route again.

I wear a #1 color, so its impossible to bleach the knots. So in order to make the hairline look the best, I'm going to give thin skin a shot again!

Looking forward to my TL 700!

James, order an all lace in #22R and colour the hair yourself. You'll never have to worry about knots or colour blending ever again. I keep saying this but nobody listens.
03-06-2012, 01:51 PM,
RE: Thin Skin Vs Swiss Lace
Yeah I was going to say.. Order blonde hair in the front and than color it yourself.. the thing I wonder though.. can you order more white colored hair? When the knots are bleached correctly its white.. when they are done eh.. they are more blonde and that can give the base a little of an orange tone.

Its an individual thing.. If u try out skin. have a lace piece too that way if you do happen to find it uncomfortable u could wear it once in awhile or switch it up with lace etc. U might find no problem at all with it.. but no one can give you a guarantee. everyone is different. Some might get an irritation from blocking off the sweat glands.. some might not.. Plus people wear different amount of times, different durations, different products and adhesives. The best way is trial and error.

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