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opinions on poly perimeter
02-01-2012, 11:21 PM,
opinions on poly perimeter
opinions? did it make your bond last longer? was the cleanup better? i got a new unit recently and my piece has poly and i didnt even know. so im pretty much unprepared for it. I dont even know how to do a debond or cleanup with it. so any tips and info that anyone could post would be helpful. pros and cons etc
02-02-2012, 05:57 PM,
RE: opinions on poly perimeter
It really depends man.. and it depends what kind of poly.. There are different materials used.. Some work better than others in regards to creating less mess. It really is a double edged sword man. I think if you are bonding the perimeter with a cream glue .. than the skin would probably be easier, since u can practically rub it right off with some cloth etc. Where as lace it gets stuck in the holes and u need to do a mirror slide with citrus solvent.. with tape.. It depends. Some stronger tapes could leave an annoying messy residue thats hard to remove from the poly.. where as with lace a lot of times for me tapes come off very clean without any residue..

I would say for cream glues etc.. poly should be easier.. For stronger tapes that are no residue lace is easier.. and for daily wear tapes that are no residue but are too weak of a bond or too shiny to use on lace, than thats better on skin.. If you are going to use something like blue tape.. get duo tack for poly perimiter.. it has red tape on the side that goes against the skin.. and the blue tape goes onto your head. or lay down a layer of scotch tape first than the blue tape on top of that.. make it so that u can get to the scotch tape when u remove so u can peel it right off. Hope that helps

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