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Attn: Full Cap Wearers
10-23-2011, 04:40 AM,
Attn: Full Cap Wearers
Do you find that you get more wrinkles in your attachments due to the simple fact that there is much more lace going over the skin, or do you find you get less wrinkles, or, is there no difference?
10-23-2011, 08:28 AM,
RE: Attn: Full Cap Wearers
Only place I got any wrinkles was in the sideburn area and that `s only because I always apply tape to the skin, peel off the backing and press the lace onto it...if I don`t allow the lace to sit down `naturally` itself I can feel a little crease in it ..it`s easily rectified though... you shouldn`t get any undue wrinkles etc. if your template is accurate....but that goes for any system really.
10-23-2011, 10:43 AM,
RE: Attn: Full Cap Wearers
With my attachment method (back to front, anchored at the nape prior to full attachment) it is pretty easy to keep the wrinkles out.

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