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wear without shaving
04-14-2011, 03:19 AM,
wear without shaving
Is it possible to get away with wearing but not shaving your head? If so, how would you do it. How would the lace be attached on the sides and back of head?

04-14-2011, 06:33 AM,
RE: wear without shaving
If you were building a house, you`d prepare a foundation... same with wearing. Why would you not get thin wispy hair out of your way ? Tapes and glues bond better to skin...there`s no point in attaching to hair .... don`t make work for yourself...keep this as simple as possible...there are enough things to cope with as a new wearer without bonding a system to growing hair notwithstanding the fact that it is thin......regards, Paul.
04-14-2011, 11:09 AM,
RE: wear without shaving
I have worn without shaving. It depends though how much, long, or dense your hair is. For me personally, I leave my own sparse hair intentionally because it actually adheres better to the Got2b glue method of attaching. The hairs stick to it like anchors. What is the reason you do not want to shave? I didn't either, but now I will buzz my head with a buzzer without a guard on. U can try it on your head see what a bond you get, If your hair interferes than buzz or shave it. One thing to keep in mind, if your using something like tape over ur own hair.. its harder to take the unit off cause your hair will really stick into the adhesive.. So dont pull it off or ull be in alot of pain and rip out your hairs.
04-14-2011, 01:47 PM,
RE: wear without shaving
Got it.

Thanks, I would say my hair where the bonding is going is light-medium density (I've had lots of hair transplants). The reason I wanted to know if I could attach w/o shaving is that I have some patchy hairloss from a recent drug injection and I'm hoping it's temporary. If it comes back then I might not wear, otherwise I'm wearing. Time will tell.

Your Got2b glue point interests me as I am planning on trying it as soon as I get my hair piece. I don't plan on using tape. If Got2b glue doesn't work for me I'll probably use a thin coat of white glue, although I can still see that being a major pain with sticky hair. Can I ask you a few questions about got2b glue?

1. How long do you keep your sparse hair where you adhere to the Got2b glue?
2. What is the clean-up experience using Got2b as opposed to base bond or other more traditional glues?
3. Why do you use it vs. the traditional methods.
4. How often do you attach/reattach.
5. Is the bond strong enough for 1-2 days to be confident in most situations? Or is it a higher-risk bond even within that short period? Does sweating add to this issue?
6. What type of base do you have. I plan on having all lace. Does a particular base fare better with Got2b?

Thanks for all your help.
04-14-2011, 08:36 PM,
RE: wear without shaving
Hi again expriest... I`ll leave Xeon answer the majority of your questions as he uses Got2BGlued a lot. Just to clarify there [ in case newbies get mixed up/confused ] for guys living outside of USA and who might not be as familiar with that product...it`s not a `Glue`as normally used for systems..it`s basically a strong hair-gel called `Got2B` glued, water resistant, spiking glue, and made by Schwarzkopf and is widely available and popular in USA. Someone discovered if you coat your scalp with it, systems bond very well and it`s really easy to de-bond/clean up too...just hop in the shower and allow the water at the system...no need to shampoo etc...once it gets thoroughly wet, it loses it`s grip. Now the same is true if you sweat excessively, so sports/gym etc would eventually de-bond it...it`s fine for normal everyday wearing though. I only recently acquired 2 tubes of it .. it`s really great...I found the front needs extra layer/s though..tended to lift a bit by next day..but you could easily just do a `touch-up`and apply a bit more there if you were pushed for time, or just apply a layer or two of normal/acrylic glue at the front.
On the matter of shaving your head.. I guess again..it`s a bit of a mis-nomer in that there`s no need to actually get a razor and shaving foam etc. and get rid of the hair totally [it sprouts back again anyway] ....when you go to a stylist they just buzz the thin/bald area with the electric shears.... that`s all you need in order to be able to `work`.....just buzz your scalp every week or so... the hair is constantly growing back anyway, albeit thinly. Got2B will work fine for lace...it`s easy to work with too as a newbie .....the `normal`glues / tapes can be a bit of a nightmare for newbies to get used to while also trying to position the system [hair getting stuck to them etc.] You could even use Got2B if going to a stylist for your cut-in...as long as the main/most part of the system is stuck on in the correct position, you don`t need it stuck right up to the very last millimeter of the perimeter.....you can `fine-tune`your perimeter at home later. Usually you`d bring in your system with strips of tape attached around the perimeter, the stylist will buzz your head/thin area, you position the system and then you have to carefully [can be a bit tedious] peel off the backing-tapes one by one,working your way around the perimeter so that it all stays in place for the cut-in..... I reckon a tube of Got2B, a nice layer applied after the buzz, and help it to dry-in with a hair-dryer on cool, and all should be well....... there`s no point in going for a full-perimeter bond really unless you have to --the stylist might be a bit impatient with it...as long as the thing is reasonably held down/on, the odd spot where it`s not, will not make a jot of difference.... I know only too well how guys feel when going in for the first ever bond/cut-in etc. and all the things /scenarios running through your mind........relax guys!!! It`s not rocket-science....yes there are a few things to remember, the main one is getting a nice cut-in !! I never did a ``full-on`` down-to-the-last -millimeter, bond ,at the salon...just about 4 or 5 strips of tape in total at the `strategic places`[ front, back and a long-ish one on each side] is all was needed to just hold the system in place allowing the stylist to work [just tell him/her to be careful not to snag the edge of the system with a comb if/when going `up`against the hair for any reason] .... when I got home, I then un-did it and went for a proper full-perimeter bond at my leisure. The Got2B should do very nicely for your visit to the stylist...if any hair gets stuck -to /trapped, simply mist with water to release it!! Xeon can answer the rest of your questions there as he`s a lot longer using that product than myself.. regards for now.. Paul.
04-20-2011, 11:56 AM,
RE: wear without shaving
It is better to shave, but I have consulted a few guys who needed (or wanted) to keep their existing hair until they were sure they were going to be happy with the transition.

The best way to deal with this situation is to tack any loose hair down with glue before you attach. This will only work if the hair that you are tacking down is fairly thin, but if it is thin enough it will provide a fairly stable surface for the unit to attach to.
04-24-2011, 09:29 AM,
RE: wear without shaving
Sorry I am late in my reply.

My sparse hair doesn't grow much. Its very fine and sparse. I guess its around half an inch or less? It doesn't have to be long. even semi long stubble really sticks to it.

The clean up is very simple. Think of it as hair gel compared to glue. glue is glue. You need to mirror slide it, use a dissolve, use mirror slides etc etc. GOT2b is a product for the hair that people wash out. Think of it like washing out glue from your hair compared to hair gel. Sometimes build up forms on the lace or skin, but I just run it under warm water and gently rub it with a wash cloth and it comes right off. It comes off very easily from skin.

I use it because its fool proof, its easy to apply and remove.. and it gives me a decent hold. You don't have to be perfect with it either. If you have it too far down or whatever. Its simple to wipe off or reapply or touch up. Its just easier to work with. like I said think of it for what it is. A hair product like a hair gel. verses a sticky glue

I usually detach after 3 or four days. that is just my preference. The amount of hold you can get from got2b depends on how you apply it, and individual skin chemistry. But most get at least a solid 2 days on average. On my base with a skin system I could probably go five days or something. The front hairline for me it doesn't hold as well. But this is something you can experiment with.

I have skin systems I have lace, and I have a combo of both. I would say the got2 be adheres very well on skin bases with ur own hair stubble. It also works on lace too, but I think I get a more solid hold from skin. There are a lot of posts about people using this and usually people use it with lace. I don't recommend you apply this ur first time and go scuba diving or hop on a rollercoaster. Just try it,,, test it out at home. see how it works for you. For me it works just fine..

When applying it, Put it on, and let it dry slightly to where its becoming a little sticky than apply. Don't wait too long because it dries non tacky. Experiment with it and see what works best for you. For me, Especially on skin systems, its a great attachment

Hope this helps.

That is a matter of opinion. For me it is not a high risk bond. It sticks fine. but I don't want to tell you something that will get u in trouble. Try it first at home.. Get comfortable with it, see how it works for you than you can take it from there. From your own experiences instead of mine. Opinions differ on it. For me I feel perfectly secure going out with this attachment. I know it is not going anywhere. But like i said, try it yourself on a day where your just bumming around the house or something and test it out.
05-01-2011, 05:33 AM,
RE: wear without shaving
I have no experience with Got2B glue but in my opinion if you are trying to save or hold on to your existing hair I think just using tape would be the safest method. I started wearing a little over 2 years ago ( thinning at the crown and receding at the temples but still had a decent amount of hair in the very front so I wore the system in back of that). The stylist at the salon I went to would put some acrlyic glue over the front on top of my own hair but was very careful with cleaning up without damaging my existing hair. That sylist got laid off and I ended up having my next three appointments with a very unprofessional incompetent woman who woukd spray the debond through my hair then forcefully try to comb the glue out ripping out strands and strands of hair. My scalp is now permanently damaged and it will probably never grow back. The same clinic that also does the non-surgical hair replacement also does surgery ( how convienent) so on December 15 of 2010 I had surgery just for a frontal hairline in the areas that were receded at the temples and to reinforce the hair in the front that was now translucent from being repeadetly ripped out by one of their employees. Now being one day away from May and 4 and a half months later it looks worse than it did before i went in for the surgery ( the doctor neglected to tell me about shock loss and to take propecia or proscar 6 months prior to surgery to prevent this. Whether or not it is going to start growing in soon or another couple of months I have no choice but to wear a system now completely covering my front hairline because it looks like I have been on cemo for the last couple of months. I don't want to damage the new follicles that may be coming up soon so I'm going to bond with with ultra hold at the back and the sides and use the contoured blue or clear tape at the front and just be very careful with taking it off and replacing it. How safe is Got2Bglue for existing healthy hair or for someone in my position? Any other advice on how to attach from anybody would be appreciated.
05-01-2011, 10:02 AM,
RE: wear without shaving
Hi.. I `ve only recently gotten my hands on `Got2B`...used it a few times.. gives a strong hold but won`t stand up to heavy sweating....I think Xeon uses it a lot so I`m sure he`ll chip -in here, but I can`t see how a hair-gel [ a very strong one ] would have any negative effects on your growing hair..... obviously I cannot give you a definitive answer but if it`s formulated for hair and it`s commonly-used, I can`t see why it would give you any problems at all....... I sure wouldn`t have sat there and allowed someone to be so rough with my system/head...... you`re paying your money and have a right to be dealt with properly....would she tear out her own hair ? Hardly ! I think people have had more `reactions` to glues or more precisely, supertape, than to anything such as `Got2B`...... I can`t recall anyone ever posting any negative things about it. Hope that`s of some help.. regards, Paul.
05-02-2011, 07:55 AM,
RE: wear without shaving
I agree with what Paul said above. the lesser of the evils is def gonna be got2b its used and meant for the hair. Its a styling product not a glue or tape. Plus it is not going to be as rough on the hair as removing tape would be. warm water should dissolve .. Just becareful cause hairs can stick to it, so when removing don't pull ur unit off, let it soak in warm water.. have a squirt or spray device to keep drenching it in warm water to losen the bond

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